February 23 gemini daily horoscope

Nevertheless, you feel high-energy and enthusiastic today.

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This is a playful, fun-loving day! Make plans to have fun, perhaps a long lunch or with the gang at Happy Hour? Admittedly, today's Full Moon might create some tension at work, especially with coworkers. Relations with partners are positive. The Full Moon today might create some stress in romantic relationships or your dealings with kids.


They can feel the Full Moon along with your family pet. Therefore, be patient with everyone. Heightened activity at home is likely because of visiting guests or renovations. Something in your life is coming to a head now because today's Full Moon is the only Full Moon taking place at the top of your chart this year.

Although relations with authority figures might be tense, fortunately, the dance between Mars and Jupiter will soften this. All is well. Check the Moon alert! Pay attention to everything you say and do because today's Full Moon can create an accident-prone influence.

Therefore, slow down and be mindful and alert. Think before you speak and think before you act. Restrict your spending to food, gas and entertainment because of the Moon Alert. Something to do with financial matters will come to a culmination today, which often occurs at the time of a Full Moon. Quite likely, you will welcome this. Nevertheless, because today is also a Moon Alert, make no important financial decisions. Restrict spending to food, gas and entertainment.


Bevor Sie fortfahren...

Today the only Full Moon opposite your sign all year is taking place, which could create some tension with partners and close friends. This is nothing you can't handle with a bit of grace, patience and accommodation. Resist the urge to spend money.

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See Moon Alert above. This is a high-energy, sociable day! You will enjoy talking to friends and interacting with groups, clubs and organizations.

More Inspiration

You might also like to discuss goals and future projects? However, agreed to nothing important because today is a Moon Alert - as well as a Full Moon.


An issue with a friend or a member of a group might come to a head today because of the Full Moon energy. Fortunately, you will be strong, smooth and skilful when dealing with others today, especially authority figures. Don't volunteer for anything. Postpone important decisions until tomorrow. Today you feel pulled between the demands of home and family versus the demands of career and your public life.

With this particular Full Moon, you cannot ignore your career.

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