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One can unequivocally conclude that the Yavana Jataka is not a product of Hellenic or Hellenistic civilization.


Even Tetrabiblos of Ptolemy does not have any similarity with standard Indian books. This shows that Indian astrology developed independently and not through the Greek influence. On the other hand there is evidence for the Indian origin of Greek astronomy. Surya Siddhanta is given as upadesa to Mayasura. Ptolemy is referred to as Turamaya in inscriptions. The biggest fallacy amongst all such claims of the Greek origins of Indian astrology lies in assuming Yavana means Greek and Mleechas as meaning from the West Europe. Perhaps those making these claims are not aware that the term yavana.

Mahabharata Adiparva The Mahabharata and the exploits of Aijuna deal only with the Indian sub-continent or Bharata Varsha. Arjuna never went to Greece to fight. Yavana Desa was a place within India also known Mleccha Desa. The people here did not follow Sanatana Dharma and were also known as Yavanas.

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To identify the term Yavana with Greek always is absurd, as we have seen in the case of Yavana Jataka. The one-sided and highly prejudiced inferences of some of those claiming to have done research are responsible for creating such erroneous notions. They need to be dispelled. Brihat Samhita of Varahamihira Ed.

Ramakrishna Bhat with tr. Panca Siddhantika of Varahamihira with tr. Kuppanna Sastri Ed. Sarma, P. T Foundation, Adyar, Pre-Siddhantic Astronomy K. September 27, September 27, September 16, September 13, September 13, Your email address will not be published.

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Skip to content. T he details of Pre-Siddhantic astronomy lie in obscurity. We often base our arguments on speculation. Abhyankar divides the development of astronomy into four categories. Vedic period before B. Vedanga Jyotisha period from B. Jain Puranic period from 50 B. Sidhhantic period from A. The observations were made with the help of a stylus. It is clear from Vedanga Jyotisha and Aitharaya Brahmana Vishuva Dina is the day on which the day and night have equal duration.

Pre-Siddhantic astronomy was essentially stellar and Sayana in reckoning, though the starting star on the ecliptic changed from time to time. When the Siddhantic period started there were variations. We get the Rasis now. What this star was is not exactly known and this has given rise to different Ayanamsas.

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Why did this change occur? Even in the Vedic literature, there is the mention of 12 divisions of the Zodiac. First of all let me discuss Ayanamsa. The claim that it was Hipparchus who discovered precession or it was not known before BCE is not supported by any kind of evidence and is erroneous. These observations show that the precession of the equinoxes was known in India much before it was discovered by the Greeks. From a dialogue between Surya and Aruna it can be learnt how these five Siddhantas were given to their respective recipients.

According to tradition at the first instance Brahma saw this lore of astronomy embedded in the Vedas and extracted it in the form of Paitamaha Siddhanta. He taught this to his son Vasistha at the behest of Vishnu and again to Surya who was created with the express purpose of giving Time to the Universe.

Vasistha gave this lore to his son Parasara, who gave the Parasara Siddhanta to the sages.

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Sage Paulisa taught this to sages Garga etc. Erroneous Concept The Greek origin of Indian astronomy and astrology is an erroneous concept of the occidental orientalists who indulged in mischievous misinterpretation of Indian sciences without even understanding them completely.

To support this, Bhattotpala quotes Yavanesvara who says:. Nirmaryada, Mleccha, which are in the West. The term Yavana occurs 56 times in Mahabharata. It is said:. Mahabharata Adiparva Arjuna subdued the king of Yavanas whom even Pandu could not vanquish.

My basic philosophy is this:

Srimad Bhagavatam Gita Press, Gorakhpur, Related Posts. Decoding the Nakshatras September 16, On Pisces Ascendant September 13, September 13, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Consequently any Sidereal Astrology, the Hindu system for instance, will contain some valuable techniques worthy of exploration and even reintegration into Western Sidereal Astrology. We will be discussing some of these Hindu techniques in the future. I calculate the Birth Chart using the S. This Sidereal function is on just about every astrological software program and is simply called Sidereal.

This House System is also found on every software program. I now have a Sidereal Birth Chart. It is just that easy to calculate your Sidereal Chart. First look at the Planets and Aspects in the Constellations rather than the houses which you will come to later. The Campanus Houses will tell you things about how the surrounding world and Universe impacts upon that Character, as its Destiny unfolds in the fields of life and Time. I hope you come back to it one day, despite the absence of reader comments.

I have found on my own nonastrological blog that, although people read, they rarely comment. Sometimes you feel as though you speak to yourself, but it is not so. I was just reading last evening till about a. And then Uranus and Jupiter in Aries- Now Jupiter it says is in Aries from Jan. How does this read out in sidereal astrology? I like your writing in this article and accept the basis for your approach which includes reincarnation and the law of karma.

I feel quite good I found your site and will be here a couple of times a week, at least.

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I read sidereal a few years ago and then got super focused on going to retirement. Health issues with my wife and myself has been occupying my time so much that days turned into weeks etc.

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Then I wanted some info about myself and again turned to sidereal. It has been eye-opening to say the least. The advantage I have is that when reading my natal chart I am reading about how I have been throughout my life. I am reminded of what I was thinking and attempting to do many years ago.

My self-examination is done through practicing yoga. I was presented with the idea of reincarnation when was I seeking to find a path. My key source of reliance on this was Edgar Cayce. As soon as I accepted reincarnation events in my daily life shifted because my understanding of things was deeper. I always turned to astrology for help in better understanding myself and what at times I was wrestling with but never stayed with it because there was always something that was off. Recently that urge to understand some tendencies that have persisted led me to return to astrology but this time I was looking at sidereal and in that pursuit I found this site.

Your introductory statements are quite compatible with my own thoughts and attitudes so I will regularly visit your site.

Since I was a kid I was introduced to astrology by myself. I also being fascinated with astronomy. But in my younger years what was published in different magazines about the position of the planets I notice that something was wrong. If they would say that the moon was in Virgo I noticed that it was in Leo, therefore I kept investigating and found about Sidereal Astrology which made more sence to me. Specially if you can define the constellations of the zodiac. I have done readings to quite a few people and have tought them the difference of tropical and sidereal and they keep coming back because they notice the difference. Tropicalist have to understand that the earth tilt on its axis is an astronomical fact. Every seventy two years is a degree the earth slowly tilts.