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Charming and congenial, the Gemini man is popular and effusive with his friends. A Gemini woman is extremely clever and has the dating to discuss every subject under the sun - politics, religion, travel - then just as easily switch to talking about the latest celebrity faux pas.

She is incessantly curious, prodding and poking at every angle and idea, her agile mind flitting from one thought to the other faster than lightning. She is witty, quick with one-liners, and will hombre the tiniest, most obscure trivia. She loves to talk, but mujer a means to discuss, to gather ideas and information, not simply to fill empty spaces of silence. How do you describe a Gemini woman, enough to do her justice? Hombre do you catch a cloud and hombre it down? Ruled by Mercury, she is an intellectual, her mind is first class, her views original and extraordinary.

Easily bored, Gemini women need constant change, movement, and communication to feel challenged and entertained. Geminis are renowned for their charm, and use it to great effect.

He hombre be nervous and fickle one minute, then extremely confident the next. These mood shifts are influenced by the lunar phases of the moon. Transformations such as these are not indicative of a split personality like Gemini, but a changeable one. The Cancer man is capable of many emotions, often one after the other, running the gamut from one end to the next.

Always polite and a little worldly, this sign is the epitome of old school gentlemanly manners. Chivalry comes as second nature to these traditionalists. The Cancerian woman is sensitive - very sensitive - but not only to her needs, but to the needs of others, making her one of the most sympathetic and caring women of the Zodiac.

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If you criticize her she may very well take it personally and it may not be forgotten! This is the first water sign of the zodiac and the Cancer woman is ruled by the Moon, endowing her with awesome intuition and imagination.

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She is deeply intuitive, and if she says she doesn't feel right about someone, it pays to take notice. She won't know the reason, but she will probably be proved right sooner or later. Similarly, her unerring instinct will tell her at once if someone is to be trusted. This is not about being judgmental - it's about instincts and feelings. Leo is a Fixed sign, and this means that the Leo man can be opinionated and stubborn about certain things.

It is hard to change this man's decisions once he's made up his mind, and because he's also certain he's always right, there is no guarantee that he will even hear out your side hombre the story. If you persist in trying to correct a Leo man, claws may be bared and manes fluffed?

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When you hire new units at the soldier office, you cannot select their birthdates, but you can control their zodiac signs. Although you can play through the entire game without concerning yourself with zodiac signs, zodiac compatibility is an integral part of the game's battle mechanics, and knowledge of the system can be an advantage when planning battle strategies or starting a challenge game. Zodiac compatibility affects the amount of damage or healing and the chance for percentage-based actions, such as Talk Skill, Haste, Raise, and Lich, to work.

Zodiac compatibility does NOT affect evasion, fall damage, Sing, Dance, Item, the Draw Out ability Murasame, and various special skills that have set success rates to either inflict a status or do a set amount of damage.


There are no special bonuses when the in-game calendar reaches the date you selected or when the calendar is in a particular unit's sign. Compatibility is applied to different factors for different actions, but the general rule is: Best compatibility: the affected variable is multiplied by 1.

For a visual representation of zodiac compatibility, picture the twelve zodiac signs in a chronological circle: - If you draw an equilateral triangle starting at the sign in question, the other two points of the triangle are the signs that have good compatibility with it. Units have best compatibility only with units of the opposite zodiac sign and opposite sex.

They have worst compatibility with units of the opposite zodiac sign but the same sex. Things change a little when it comes to monsters. However, there are a few exceptions to the unisex monster rule. Using the formulas in the Battle Mechanics Guide to arrive at damage predictions, then putting the damage into practice, I determined the gender of Holy Dragon Reis and each of the zodiac beasts, including both forms of Altima, and these results are confirmed within the code of the game.

However, the BMG was updated in late , and versions 5.

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These are also the only battles in which the monster's zodiac sign does not match the stone it comes from. As it turns out, its sprite byte which controls in-battle appearance and job portrait is set to male, but its gender half-byte which controls stat bonuses, names, use of female-only equipment, death screams, charming, access to bard or dancer, and zodiac compatibility is set to female. Sin embargo,ambos manifiestan sus sentimientos de forma diferente.

Para Libra,el amor es objeto de consumo,de tacto,se ha de disfrutar con todos los sentidos. Cuando se prueban,ya no se pueden dejar. Ambos vibran en la misma frecuencia sexual pero la sienten de maneras diferentes;mientras Tauro urge piel y es directo en sus intenciones,Piscis juega,alarga,tiene sinuosidades que al toro le desesperan.

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Aries embiste,mientras que los peces representan la personalidad y el alma,que a pesar de estar unidas,nadan en direcciones opuestas. Libra necesita la ternura y la piel para confirmar que le aman. Mientras Virgo tiene como referencia la realidad,Acuario es idea,pensamiento. Para un Virgo es peligroso amar a un Acuario,pues no encuentra seriedad en sus sentimientos.

Se admiran pues cada uno posee poderes creativos que complementan al otro y que quieren sumar a sus vidas;pero en las cosas del amor,el temperamento es otro,pues aman en diferente frecuencia. Tienen que ceder:Leo olvidando dominar y Acuario conteniendo su extrema libertad. Disfrutan de la vida al aire libre y de los espacios ventilados,pues encerrados se asfixian. Este caos perturba la estabilidad y la comodidad de Tauro. Quieren triunfos de los cuales sentirse orgullosos y satisfechos.

The Zodiac Signs

Entienden el sacrificio como parte vital del logro de sus aspiraciones. Son signos demasiado dispares como para formar pareja. A Libra le gusta el juego del amor y Capricornio no logra abandonar su seriedad. Libra vive enamorado del amor,pero muchas veces sus sentimientos carecen de consistencia,pues frecuentemente se enamora de un ideal,no de la realidad.

Capricornio,ama al objeto del amor y profundiza en sus sentimientos para saberlos verdaderos. Ambos son signos de Tierra,buenos trabajadores y muy ambiciosos. Conforman el encuentro de dos maneras de hacer para alcanzar el mismo objetivo. Los deseos de Leo son turbulentos y narcisistas,mientras que Capricornio,con sentimientos y anhelos similares, los experimenta de manera silenciosa y reservada.

A pesar de la compatibilidad que desarrollan en temas materiales e intelectuales,no cumplen con sus expectativas emocionales. Leo necesita un amor que arda en constantes manifestaciones de afecto y de deseo. Capricornio es constructivo y reflexivo hasta el pesimismo. Se entienden perfectamente. Son inquietos,con una mente hiperactiva,que buscan y necesitan ser estimuladas constantemente,por eso requieren acumular muchas y muy variadas experiencias.