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It also creates the Hamsa Yoga. Saturn is in the 7th House, in its own house and is in a Kendra to the Lagna and the Moon. This too creates the Sahasara Yoga. Sun, the Lord of the 2nd House is Digbali and exalted in the 10th House. Sun rules the South direction.

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Jupiter rules the East direction and Saturn rules over West. She was credited to be one of the sexiest actress in film history, according to a poll conducted by Empire Magazine. However, we also know that exalted planets create issues with their Moolatrikona signs so we see that Sun creates issues with family life 2nd House and Jupiter is the Lord of the 6th House of marital fights and divorces and she was divorced 4 times.

Capricorn is the sign of the Earth. It is also the sign of archeologists and people who dig deep beneath the earth and excavate things. A sign for researchers too. Jupiter is retrograde, turn the energy inwards and also adding Chesta Bal to the planet. It is the Lord of 3rd House of hands, publications and courage.

Being the Lord of 12th House international fame, he also delivers the same. The Great Indian Laughter Challenge.

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She had lost her father at a very young age and is very close to her mother from whom she draws inspiration. Retrograde Jupiter, the Lord of the 8th and 11th House of change and transformation and income aspects this Moon from the 8th House. When a planet is debilitated yet Digbali, for example, Saturn in 7th for Libra Lagna or Mercury in Lagna for Pisces Lagna, in such a case the Jeeva or the living part of the Planet signified by the house it occupies or owns suffers but the non-living aspect prospers.

Digbali is an important concept that needs to be given its due place in the chart analysis for a complete chart reading. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content.

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August 7, No comment s. Example — Jim Bailey American female impersonator of singing stars, a remarkable illusionist.

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Example — Clive Barker British artist and writer, the prolific author of short stories, plays, novels and screenplays, and a painter and illustrator. Example — Aimee Anouk French actress with a film debut in , a hauntingly beautiful brunette, feline, graceful. So, it is strength of planets based on Time. It includes following factors:. At noon they are powerless. The Sun, Jupiter and Venus are powerful during noon and are powerless during midnight.

Adaptable Mercury is considered to be always powerful. The Moon, Saturn and Mars are given strength only if the person is born at midnight and no strength, if the person is born at noon. Sun, Jupiter and Venus get strength if the person is born at noon and no strength if he is born at midnight. Of course if the person is born at a time somewhere in between then it will be average strength. Paksha Bala - A Paksha is equal to 15 lunar days. When the Moon is increasing it is Sukla Paksha. When the Moon is decreasing it is Krishna Paksha. These beneficial planets are powerful during Sukla Paksha.

They are powerful during Krishna Paksha. The benefics get more strength if a person is born on Sukla Paksha and the malefics less. If a person is born during Krishna Paksha the malefics get more strength. Tribhaga Bala - The day that means the period of daylight is divided into three equal parts and the night the period without daylight is divided into three equal parts.

In this system Jupiter is always at highest strength. In addition, if someone is born during the first part of the day Mercury gets highest strength. If someone is born during the second part of the day the Sun gets highest strength. If born during the last part of the day Saturn gets highest strength.


Raja yoga (Hindu astrology)

If born during the first part of the night the Moon is given highest strength. If born during the second part of the night Venus gets it. If born during the last part of the night Mars is strongest. There is some similarity between this system and Dig Bala. Abda Bala - The planet which is the lord of the birth year will get strength.

The lord of the year is the planet which belongs to the first day of the birth year. For example if the first day of a certain year is Sunday the year is ruled by the Sun, then Sun receives strength according to this method. Masa Bala — Similarly, he planet which is the lord of the first day of the month in which a person is born receives strength..

Vara Bala — Likewise, the planet which rules the day at which the person is born receives strength. Each hora is ruled by a planet. The first hora is ruled by the planet which rules the day. For example at Sunday the first hora is ruled by the Sun. Then the order is according to the days of the week next hora will be of Moon then of Mars and so on. If you are born at some distance from the equator the horas are not of equal length.

The period of daylight contains 12 horas and the period without daylight contains 12 horas. The ruler of the hora when you were born gets strength.

Vedic Astrology – Dig Bala (Directional Strength) Examined – Part 1 – exenflapjackmart.ga

Not that these things are unavailable, but it will be too deep a stuff right now. After everything has been calculated we add it all up and get the total Kala Bala. Planets which are relatively slow also retrograde planets get a high strength value. Planets which are relatively fast get a low strength value. The reasoning is that slow moving planets are able to focus their energy more because they stay in one place.

The Sun and Moon do not get Chesta Bala values. They move in a fairly regular pattern, i. Sun travels 1 degree per day and Moon travels 1 sign per 2 days 6 hours, and do not go retrograde ever. Naisargik Bala. Each planet gets a certain amount of strength according to the luminosity it has. Because the Sun is the brightest planet it is given highest strength. Saturn is the faintest and gets lowest strength.