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How will your love life change over the next 12 months? Find out now!

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The action picks up later in the week as lovely Venus angles toward feisty Mars on Friday, which can see you getting along with someone extremely well. Encounters can sizzle with promise. Just keep track of your progress on plans or a projects so you can make any adjustment now. Things pick up on Friday — get ready for a little excitement.

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Maybe even some travel?! Read your entire Aries weekly horoscope. Are you ready to take things to the next level? Well you need to get out of your comfort zone and take on challenges that might seem scary at first. Read your entire Taurus weekly horoscope. With intense energies in your sector of transformation, you might need to let go of the things that no longer serve you and embrace some new and exciting opportunities. Your success might depend on you taking a leap of faith. Look for romance on Friday, and also great opportunities to promote your business over the weekend.

Read your entire Gemini weekly horoscope. Are you ready to get along with others? Because it can be a great test of your strength and your ability to set firm boundaries.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

Stand strong, and reap the rewards! This weekend will provide some opportunities to overspend — resist. Find out more by reading your entire Cancer weekly horoscope. You might want to consider delegating some of your to-do list to others and asking for help. Read your entire Leo weekly horoscope.


Read your entire Virgo weekly horoscope. Read your entire Libra weekly horoscope.

The mighty Sun is conjunct the Moon, opening to new and beautiful possibilities! Don't waste your time on cheap talk and wine.

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Question your old paradigms and let go of what's holding you back. This partial solar eclipse will be an optimistic, creative and generous one, thanks in part to Vega, the brightest star in the constellation of Lyra aka, the Harp and the second-brightest star in the Northern celestial hemisphere, after Arcturus.

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Just like the musical instrument, you can play this harmonious energy by starting or growing creative endeavors. Let those creative juices flow, always sowing your seeds in light and love. Good intentions go a long way here.

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Be kind to your fellow man, and we will all reap the rewards of your good will. The Solar Eclipse is conjunct with the heavy planet Saturn, and karmic Saturn is coupled with Pluto at the midpoint in Capricorn, all of which gives a serious edge and a conservative, somewhat dark feel to the optimism accompanying its alignment with Vega. The negative vibe of this aspect is considerably lightened with Neptune sextile the eclipse, though, so there's no need for you to listen to the dark voices Saturn brings up.

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Just brush them off and sow those happiness seeds! If you're looking for a way to creatively harness all of this astrological good fortune in the New Year, look no farther! Here is a simple, cleansing New Moon ritual all zodiac signs can practice in order to welcome the happy, creative and fruitful lunar and solar energy into Creating new energy in a polluted environment is hard, but clearing away energetic debris gives you space to manifest the magic of the New Moon. The power of Vega calls to your creative juices! Grab those all magazines, scissors, and glue and get to creating a vision board to manifest the life of your dreams!

Creating a vision board is a powerful way to give a visual representation to your desires and begins to align you energetically with your wishes. Poster board or even a file folder will work here. Good at drawing? Draw what you want to create! This is a representation of your future life, so plan accordingly and dream big, you worthy New Moon manifestor you! Affirmations are positive statements about your future that over time begin to rewrite the negative self-sabotaging thoughts that creep into your mind.