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Vesta in the fourth house denotes dedication to one's family and home. THere is often a pattern of added responsibility and work in one's home when young that continues into duty and obligation to one's family later on. This person may experience deprivations or curtailment of personal freedom because of family obligations. An efficient approach to domestic needs is suggested.

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Vesta in the fifth house suggests a dedication to one's personal creative expressions - children or artistic forms. Alienation from children, romance, and pleasure, or creative blockage, can often result. Sexual inhibition occurs through excessive sublimation of sexual energy into fifth-house affairs; or a painstaking focus on flaws may sabotage spontaneity.


Vesta in the sixth house reveals a dedication to work and efficient functioning. Because of Vesta's association with the sign Virgo, her significance is very marked in this house. Limitations in health will often lead one to focus on self-healing andproper care of the body through nutrition, exercise, and positive thinking. A drive for perfection, if not overdone, can lead to doing things very well.

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Vesta in the seventh house points to a dedication to working on one's relationships. Yet, because Vesta strives for self-sufficiency and independence, conflict may arise when seventh-house compromise and co-operative efforts are required. Often this person will become overly focused upon or obsessed with his or her primary relationship.

It may also be difficult for them to find someone to meet their sexual intensity, and so they may experience limitations here. COmplications with others over shared resources - money and sexuality - put pressure on one to learn the skill of letting go of personal desire and on learning how to share possessions. Vesta in the ninth house symbolizes a dedication to seeking the turth and conveying wisdom.

An overly extreme focus on one's belief system, however, may result in political or religious fanaticism. Limitations may arise that challenge a wide scope of vision. Ideal images can be given form in the material world. Vesta in the tenth house indicates a dedication to one's career or position in society. When close to. One may experience limitations in finding a fulfilling vocational path, if the critical faculties are overly developed. Tremendous discipline, thoroughness, and willingness to work hard are potential talents. Vesta in the eleventh house conntes a dedication to group interactions.

Working with collectives land, business, political living fulfills the need to participate in larger wholes. One may experience limitations in friendships or groups in order that one may learn the importance of others in one's life. There exists the need to define and focus one's hopes and aspirations so that oen can dedicate oneself an an ideal.

Vesta in the twelfth house implies a dedication to selfless service and to the pursuit of spiritual values. There exist strong unconscious needs for isolation and retreat, as well as for a focus of deep faith. Persecution for one's religious beliefs in a past life, anxieties concerning public exposure or making mistakes, may produce a fear of exploring one's spiritual nature.

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In addition, there may exist deep, unconscious, sexual fears and inhibitions which can be overcome by balancing faith and fear, yearning for the infinite with a practical assessment of the physical world and its limitations. So I noticed mine is in the 1st House, and found out more about it. You know how you can tell if astrological interpretations are true and accurate?

Might as well offer a walk down this path.

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  7. If you want, post your Vesta's House, and I will cut and paste what I've got, and encourage open discussion for most. For most there are two different interpretations by two different sources "Vesta in the first house Dreams of goals or quests. They will sacrifice family, friends, security and worldly success for those dreams. This position tests the ego.


    Because of this placement, these natives are critical of themselves and insecure when not following their own sets of rules. These people search for their own Holy Grail. SIngleminded focus and perseverance can lead to great achievements. These people may have offspring, but they are not allowed to enjoy being with them during the early years because of work situations, divorces, career dedication, family problems or other reasons.

    Often these are done for the security and well-being of these same children. Suppression of creative urges for duties and responsibilities makes them seem cold and detached.

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    This control of personal feelings at times expresses as personal illnesses. Attachment to their homes undergirds many of their actions. Sacrifices of and for the homes were found with this placement. They may have to care for invalids or older relatives in their homes. There is often a pattern of added responsibility and work in one's home when young that continues into duty and obligation to one's family later on.

    These natives often endure deprivation for the causes in which they believe. Because these are hidden or secret beliefs, other people misunderstand the reasons for their actions. They give themselves for others even when the people are not closely related.

    There is denial of fulfillment through others. A strong conflict between need for tradition and security, on the one hand, and desire for freedom, on the other, leaves these natives confused. They feel a threatening of their personal egos. With the perpetual swing from one extreme to another, these natives force themselves to pay for their times of freedom. They feel that friends or groups should take precedence over personal ambitions.

    There exists the need to define and focus one's hopes and aspirations so that one can dedicate oneself to an ideal. Wherever Vesta falls in the birthchart will show the area in which we are most likely to be committed to a purpose. Vesta is associated with dedication, focus, and commitment. She represents those things that helps us focus, the way in which we dedicate ourselves with heart and soul, and that for which we are ready or compelled to make a sacrifice. The things indicated by Vesta's position in your chart may be things that you feel compelled to give up or sacrifice, often out of a sense of spiritual compulsion.

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    Yet they can also be the very things that evoke your dedication - leading to a sense of deep inner fulfillment when you are willing to make some sacrifices on their behalf. Keep this paradox in mind as you read on, for Vesta can express itself one way or the other - or both! Public sacrifices are always asked of these people.

    They do not challenge demands made on them by higher authorities. When close to the MC it can indicate a spiritual destiny. One of the contestants had nine children. When he was asked why he had so many children, the gentleman replied "I like it Groucho.

    Take a break.


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    VESTA in the 8th house: The principle of focus and dedication expressed through deep interactions with others. The 8th house symbolizes deep spiritual and sexual merging;a time when sacred sexual practices can take you to the heights of ecstasy. A great time for ritual work and meditation concerning 8th house issues. Vesta in 8th House Vesta in the eighth house indicates that sacrificial dedication and intense focus are centered around the in-depth and transformational aspects of life - such intense experiences as birth, death, and sexual or mystical union.

    The longing to become renewed or transformed through the union with the energies of the "not-self," or others, includes the material resources of others as well, so that the sharing or inheritance of the wealth of others can also be issues in which you tend to experience sacrifice or dedication. This sense of sacrifice could be expressed either as denying yourself these things for the sake of some other goal which may be spiritual or religious in nature , or as an intense one-pointed focus on these very things themselves.

    Sexual passion can be sublimated into mystical passion. At any rate, your focus is passionately intense, and if at times this proves a little much for others, such difficulties will help you learn to engage positively in powerful interactions with others. Careful consideration of these activities or issues will help you understand how to best manage your sense of commitment and remain centered in your self.

    Vesta is the brightest of the asteroids and at time can even be seen with the naked eye. In Roman mythology, Vesta was the goddess of the hearth and its fire. She represents the flame which burns away the non-essentials, leaving only that which is pure. Astrologically, Vesta is associated with both Scorpio and Virgo, and indicates great concentration on any given task to the exclusion of everything else. It suggest emotional and personal involvement can become a secondary to the ability to focus so directly on a goal.

    Many well known, successful people have Vesta prominent in their birth charts. Examples: Mercury trine Vesta in a birth chart indicates an ability to learn easily and quickly from reading. On the other hand, Vesta-Neptune aspects can indicate a difficulty in focusing o0n or committing to any single thing. It is associated with acolytes; altars; ancestral care; assistants to priests; caretakers; ceramics; ceremonial objects; club members; deer; donkeys; esoteric, fraternal or sororal orders; fences; fire as used for human benefit; the Fire element; heart fires; gurus; hearts; houses; ibises; illuminators; keepers of traditions and of esoteric and religious teachings; keys; lamps; laurel trees; light bearers; locks; masons; monks; nightingales; nuns; oak trees; the pineal gland; pornography; priests and priestesses; professors; religious orders; Rosicrucian's; safes; scholars; scribes; secret societies and orders; service groups; slow, steady animals; social groups; spiders; teachers; and zealots.

    Its glyph represents the Hearth Fire; and its symbols include eternal flames; five-pointed stars; flaming altars; torches; and tripods. As an astrological factor, I delineate Vesta as the experience of tending the inner hearth of creativity and sexuality. Her primary quality is devotion. She also represents an organizing principle. Think of how old houses were designed around the hearth as the focal point, and how the hearth is the center of the homes functions.