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Let the Lion loose!

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As the fifth sign of the zodiac, warm-hearted Leo rules over the 5th House of Pleasure. Leo is a Fire sign that shines as the center of attention wherever it goes. All it takes is one little spark to set Leo ablaze with with bold expression, brave choices, and powerful confidence. Regal and bright, gold is the color for Leo the Lion.

LEO SIGN IN ASTROLOGY: Meaning, Traits, Magnetism

Glistening with royalty and class, gold has always been a symbol of power and prestige. In the scorching light of the mid-summer Sun, Leo lets its rugged side surface in order to move through the season. People born on the Cancer-Leo cusp could deal with extreme ups and downs!

There's so much more to you than your Sun sign! Use this gift to the greater good, and work towards helping others this month. Celebrating the wins of your friends and family will only bring you closer, and lead to a greater satisfaction in life. Your warmth is apparent to everyone in your life, Libra.

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This month in particular, you might be feeling a little extra flirty and extroverted. Everyone recharges their spiritual batteries in different ways. What did you enjoy doing when you were little? Do you make time for fun, frivolous things? On your deathbed, you will not be thinking—gee, I wish I worked myself to the bone more.

Leo Sign Dates & Traits

Repeat that until you believe it. Your willingness to be in a good mood is one of my favorite things about you, Sagittarius. People born in this sign seem to instinctively know that happiness is a choice, and one that we can make without shame or guilt. Continue to value your happiness, and lead by example.

Leo traits and personality characteristics

Others are inspired by you, and I am too. Mercury in Leo should help be able to put a voice to these fears, and address them as much as possible. What are you afraid of? How are your fears manifesting themselves? Ask the hard questions, Capricorn. The answers will set you free. They love to dominate others and at the same time, they do not bother to take instructions from others.

Leo Zodiac Sign Traits

They know what they want in their life and they mold the rules according to their wish. They will get what they want by any means, once they set their target. Passionate : Lions are born romantic. They are passionate lovers and it keeps rolling in as they more and more get into the relationship.

If they know they are in love, they will express it with the clearest words. Loyal : In spite of being the king of their lives, Lions are devoted to their family and friends. They do not want to share things with others, for this reason, sometimes their loyalty turns to possessiveness. This trait makes the situation difficult for their loved one.

Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

Leos are marked by strong characteristic traits. They can be safely called the rulers of the zodiac chart. Just like the animal that symbolizes them, Leos exert great power and prowess. Leo Zodiac Sign Characteristics points out that Leos move with confidence and can make others feel confident at their presence. They are very ambitious as well and can move with great enthusiasm when they find their goal. Positive traits in Leos are:.

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  8. Although they are the most majestic, Leos are also prone to weaknesses. There are certain negative traits that plague the character of the powerful Leos. Leos are often boisterous and love drama. Their love for admiration often leads them to choose wrong people around them.

    Leos are proud and fail to see their shortfalls. They are also not kind to criticism. The negatives of Leos are:. Lions are powerful creatures and so are the Leos. They exert power at every state of life. Being a Fire sign they are also great source of energy and can be the motivating force to others. Leos are also great friends. They are kind hearted and will normally go to any extent to help their friends.