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The Sky Today Cosmic Events. All times ET. See Your Forecast Choose your sun sign for daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes. Join android mailing list. More astrology. What do you get for the sign that has it all? Life is now fully expressed through the differentiation of shapes and colours. Every plant shows, through its flowers and leaves, what it truly is, the distinctive features of its species.

Similarly, on the psychological level, Gemini's energy is expressed in the drive to open up to our surrounding world to exchange, communicate and discover the multiplicity of things. We should not be astonished that under the influence of a diversified and mobile energy like air we feel extremely hastened and intrigued by our immediate surroundings and the need of both physical and mental dynamism grows within us. In this phase we learn to interpret and adapt the multiplicity, the forever changing experience to which we are exposed.

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We learn to transform it into knowledge. The first step is to turn the subjective into objective, to recognise the eternal conflict between our inner reality and that which the exterior world offers us. To better understand this concept, we use the example of a child who only knows the intimate and protected family sphere and must leave his home for the first time to go to school.

He must face a totally different world. He must adapt to the organisation of the classroom and space, much different from the known and familiar home fire. He must establish relationships and communicate with other students who, raised differently, will have completely different needs and behaviours than his.

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He must also abide by a new authority, the teacher, whose teachings may be different from those imparted by his parents. This experience, rich in important contrasts between what the child knew to that time and what he know discovers as different, well describes the Gemini phase, when we recognise the inadequacy between our subjective reality and what the world offers us.

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  4. Every learning process thus implies confrontation with differences, with newness and through this dialogue we can learn that our point of view can be constantly reviewed and expanded by new experiences. And it is through words that we come into contact with others' thoughts, opinions and standpoints. This is why communication is so important to this sign.

    If the ability to establish the right balance between oneself and experience is well-managed, we will become extremely adaptable and the ability to see things from different standpoints will lead us to discover that situations are not black or white but, rather, often relative, and we will drastically limit the tendency to rely on dogmas, institutions and set schemes, privileging a vivacious and original intelligence and the typical Gemini astuteness that always knows how to turn the tables. However, the significant curiosity and mental restlessness characteristic of Gemini, who wants to know more in terms of quantity and quality, may lead to superficiality without any depth, with the risk of knowing some but not all of everything.

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    Karmic Astrology. Active Astrology. Love Compatibility. Relationship Chart. Composite Chart. Your Rising Sign. Your Birth Chart. Exercise has been proven to reduce stress so accept your invitation to join a fitness club, gym or yoga class while you are on the cruise. April 23 birthday individuals find happiness in eating. You especially like cultural experiences such as Thai cuisine. Go ahead and enjoy your meal.


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    You deserve it. The April 23 birthday personality are insightful, mischievous Taureans. Your playful attitude is what keeps you young at heart. However, your heart can only take so much. Slow down just enough to pamper yourself when you feel an onset of fatigue setting in. Zodiac Astrology Name: Date of Birth: January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Take a class in something you will enjoy doing or visit your local spa for a day.

    You may believe that fidelity is defined by marriage for which you are in no hurry. You have many friends but possibly are only close to a select group. Mars: symbolizes our ability and strength in overcoming problems in order to achieve our goals. Venus : symbolizes the simple things in life that give us happiness, satisfaction, and pleasure. This card symbolizes the desire to do the right thing hen you are not so sure about your decisions.

    Number 5 β€” This is a number that speaks of exploration, curiosity, freedom, and exuberance. Orange: This color stands for cheerfulness, enthusiasm, positive attitude and independence. Blue: This color symbolizes mental relaxation, trustworthiness, stability, and self-expression. Friday β€” The day of Venus that symbolizes an artistic temperament and the right utilization of money. Emerald gemstone represents youthfulness, inspiration, hope, and harmony.

    A new set of gardening tools for the man and a snow-white cotton nightgown for the Taurus woman.

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